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Stop Here Santa!

With Christmas looming there are sure to be many children with big wishes for a delivery on December 25.  There’s also most likely a number of pressing questions that many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will be confronted with about the delivery of gifts, Santa Claus, the rules for getting a gift — who’s been naughty and who has been nice!

Top 10 Questions about Santa Claus and Christmas

  1. How do you know everyone’s name Santa?
  2. Are your elves really small? How tall are they?
  3. How can you come into my house when we don’t have a chimney?
  4. How can you tell who has been naughty and who has been nice?
  5. Do you have magical powers?
  6. Are you always on time Santa?
  7. Is Rudolph always on the reindeer team every year?
  8. How fast does your sleigh go?
  9. What type of snack should I leave out for you?
  10. Do I have to be asleep for you to arrive?

Print a “Stop Here Santa” sign

So Santa will know where to land, print a Stop Here Santa sign and hang outside at your front gate, across a fence,  at a window or across an entry/doorway.  Print your “Stop Here Santa” sign onto bright paper secure your sign with hanging ideas from our IDEAS gallery.

Share your sign

We’d love to see your “Stop Here Santa” sign.  Share your pics on the Printable Alphabets FACEBOOK page.

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Letters of the alphabet

If you have ever tried printing big letters of the alphabet onto an A4 page, you will probably have discovered the task is quite fiddly to get the letters of the alphabet to fit the A4 page size neatly. Choosing the right sized type and style typeface for maximum impact visually ensures letters will be visually easy to read. Printing big letters of the alphabet can be achieved using a Word Processor such as Microsoft Word or using an online editor such as Google Docs.

Using Microsoft Word to print big letters of the alphabet

To get the letter to fit the page increase the  typeface (each typeface will vary in finished size) to around 600-800 pts. Adding  font weight  (normal, bold, italic) will change the size of the letter. Adjust the page margins down to suit your printer output – suggest approx 10mm/1cm/0.4″.

You might end up with a result like this ~

Print big letters

  • The blue highlighted area shows the actual page space this large character in Arial Narrow typeface at 840 pts with BOLD formatting.
  • Margins on the page were manually adjusted down to 10mm on all sides.
  • Adjusted line spacing also down to various heights from .5 to 1, but these had little impact on centering.


Letters of the Alphabet Templates

An alternative method to create the letters is to use a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw! to create the letter on the page.  This give greater freedom to place the character in EXACTLY the center of the page.  Or find some templates online.



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Printable Alphabet Signs

Printing a letter to fit an A4 page

If you have ever wanted to make your own paper sign with large letters to fit a single A4 page, you’ll probably know how time consuming it is to create the letter and simply get it to fit the page. Often you will find there are page margins to reduce, trying to get the letter, number or symbol centred EXACTLY on the page can also prove to be a little tricky.  We discovered this exact issue when trying to create a sign and found that even when creating our letter, number and symbol templates this proved to be quite the task — getting each character neatly onto a page.

Printable Alphabet Signs

At Printable Alphabets we’ve designed paper sign sets in printable templates that you can quickly download, print and hang for all types of events or occasions. Each letter is centred neatly on the page as big as it can be displayed.  This offers maximum impact for your sign display.  See our gallery for ideas on how to hang paper signs.  We’ve even got some free alphabet templates and signs if you’re not a Printable Alphabet subscriber.

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