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Sesame Street African Alphabet

This is so cute! Had to share in our blog.

0-9-cut-numbers A4 page sizedA4 page sized numbers 0 to 9Printable-alphabet-outline-captialA-ZPrintable alphabets A to Z

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5 reasons to choose our printable alphabet templates

If you’ve been looking around the internet for templates for printable alphabets, I am sure you have discovered by now there are quite a lot of sites offering a way for you to print big letters.  So why would you opt to use our printable alphabet templates?  Here’s 5 simple reasons why they work ~

  • Printable alphabet templates have big letters, solid black and cut out style that fit perfectly to the size of an A4 page.
  • Printable alphabet templates don’t have other objects on the page (like an apple next to the letter A). Just big letters.
  • Printable alphabet templates are quality PDF files, not low quality bitmap / or image files like .jpg files, .gif files.  These sorts of files will not give great print quality.
  • Printable alphabet templates can be downloaded letter by letter or in the full alphabet set in one (1) download.
  • Printable alphabet templates have like “Happy Birthday”, “Yard Sale”, “For Sale”, “Rent Me” to name a few.  Fast and easy.

How to get printable alphabet files?

Get started with a simple annual subscription with access to hundreds of template files for just one low price of just $4.99 per year.  Big Numbers, Big Symbols and Sign Sets are also available as part of your annual subscription.

Printable alphabet templates for big letters, big numbers, big symbols.  $4.99 for annual subscription

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Big letters – print signs

Spring is a popular time for various types of events. This spring you might even be hosting a baby shower, birthday party, wedding or other special event.  Signs wishing the guest of honor well at these types of events are very popular. However, getting signs can create a host of problems for you that can make party-planning even more difficult. Creating signs yourself using big letters from Printable Alphabets is a fast and easy way to make a sign that you know will look good, and that will get your message across.

Big letters, great designs – creating and printing your sign or banner

While you want to have a sign at your event, you don’t necessarily want that sign to be the focal point of the party. For example, if you’re hosting a baby shower for your sister, the focus should be on her and the new baby. A sign made with our big letters templates can be customized to your preferences. Our uppercase letters in black are a great choice if you want to make an impact with your sign, as well as get it finished quickly. They can be printed onto white or coloured paper.  If you’re feeling creative, and want to add a bit of decorative flair of your own to the sign, we have outlined or cut out letters. Paint or color the letters, print onto patterned paper, or you can get really artistic and add decorative effects like glitter, confetti, other papers – design options are unlimited! See our ideas gallery for more.

One of the great things about our big letters is that it puts you in complete control of your sign. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re happy with a professional printer’s interpretation of what you wanted. It’s our goal to make your sign-making process as easy as possible, while giving you options to make a great sign that will make the right statement for your next event.

So, what party or celebration is coming up that you need a sign for? Get started today.  You’ll love our low yearly membership price of $4.99, and we offer you some free templates, including our free Happy Birthday sign to try us out. You have nothing to lose, so check out our printable big letters today and create the perfect sign for your spring event.

Join now - annual subscription $4.99 per annum


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Big number templates

Here’s another fabulous way to use big number templates that you may not have thought about. When the weather starts getting warmer, you’ll start to see those signs nailed to telephone poles and stuck into the ground on stakes advertising for yard sales. It’s just a matter of time, it’ll be yard sale season before you know it! Have you been thinking about that huge collection of stuff on your basement that you need to get rid of? Maybe you’ve been thinking about having your own yard sale, but just the thought of putting all that work into your old junk makes you feel tired.

Yard sales are a lot of hard work, but if you take a little time to do it the right way, they can also be very profitable for you, too. Putting on a successful yard sale is all about advertising, and at Printable Alphabets we have a great selection of big numbers that will help you get people’s attention at your next yard sale.

Big numbers make an easy to spot address

Most of the people who are going to come to your yard sale are people who saw your sign on the street while they were driving by. If you live on a side street, or on a country road that doesn’t see much traffic, having your address prominently printed on your signs is crucial.  Our big numbers and big letters are exactly what you need to ensure that there’s no mistake about where your yard sale is located. The numbers and letters are printed in large, solid black font that are easily seen, even from far away.

Use big letters and big numbers to organise your yard sale

One of the keys to having a successful yard sale is organization. People enjoy looking through sales that are put together well, and where items are clearly labeled. A great way to organize your sale is by using big numbers and big letters to differentiate between “departments”. A sale that has household items, furniture, clothes and toys all thrown in together can create chaos for those who stop to browse. They might not even find what they’re looking for, because they don’t want to take the time to look through everything. Separating your items and labelling the areas clearly will not only demonstrate that your sale is organized, but it’s a great way to attract attention from those who are driving by, too.

Planning a yard sale doesn’t have to be exhausting. In fact, if you do it right, it can be a lot of fun for you, and for your entire family. We’ve got a sign set “Yard Sale” template that you can use to incorporate for your street sign. Once you see the quality of our big letters, you’ll be eager to check out what other big numbers and big symbols you can find to make great signs for your sale. This year, don’t be one of those houses that throws together a sale at the last minute. Take some time to plan it right, and maximize the profit you make on your old junk.

Remember the old saying–“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

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Free Valentine Banner Printable

Valentine’s Day, February 14, is just around the corner. Most of us will be looking for that special gift or way to show someone we love how much we care. To help you show your special someone, Printable Alphabets is giving away a free download of our “I love You” free Valentine Banner to help you celebrate!  This is one of our most popular downloads and has been customised with a RED heart.

Free Valentine Banner Printable | Download

Download the PDF file and print the pages to your home or office printer.

How to Hang your free Valentine Banner

Hang you large print Valentine banner with tape, string and pegs, or blue tac.  See our gallery for more ideas.

Subscribe to get all our templates

Printable Alphabet $4.99 for annual subscription


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Stop Here Santa!

With Christmas looming there are sure to be many children with big wishes for a delivery on December 25.  There’s also most likely a number of pressing questions that many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will be confronted with about the delivery of gifts, Santa Claus, the rules for getting a gift — who’s been naughty and who has been nice!

Top 10 Questions about Santa Claus and Christmas

  1. How do you know everyone’s name Santa?
  2. Are your elves really small? How tall are they?
  3. How can you come into my house when we don’t have a chimney?
  4. How can you tell who has been naughty and who has been nice?
  5. Do you have magical powers?
  6. Are you always on time Santa?
  7. Is Rudolph always on the reindeer team every year?
  8. How fast does your sleigh go?
  9. What type of snack should I leave out for you?
  10. Do I have to be asleep for you to arrive?

Print a “Stop Here Santa” sign

So Santa will know where to land, print a Stop Here Santa sign and hang outside at your front gate, across a fence,  at a window or across an entry/doorway.  Print your “Stop Here Santa” sign onto bright paper secure your sign with hanging ideas from our IDEAS gallery.

Share your sign

We’d love to see your “Stop Here Santa” sign.  Share your pics on the Printable Alphabets FACEBOOK page.

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Letters of the alphabet

If you have ever tried printing big letters of the alphabet onto an A4 page, you will probably have discovered the task is quite fiddly to get the letters of the alphabet to fit the A4 page size neatly. Choosing the right sized type and style typeface for maximum impact visually ensures letters will be visually easy to read. Printing big letters of the alphabet can be achieved using a Word Processor such as Microsoft Word or using an online editor such as Google Docs.

Using Microsoft Word to print big letters of the alphabet

To get the letter to fit the page increase the  typeface (each typeface will vary in finished size) to around 600-800 pts. Adding  font weight  (normal, bold, italic) will change the size of the letter. Adjust the page margins down to suit your printer output – suggest approx 10mm/1cm/0.4″.

You might end up with a result like this ~

Print big letters

  • The blue highlighted area shows the actual page space this large character in Arial Narrow typeface at 840 pts with BOLD formatting.
  • Margins on the page were manually adjusted down to 10mm on all sides.
  • Adjusted line spacing also down to various heights from .5 to 1, but these had little impact on centering.


Letters of the Alphabet Templates

An alternative method to create the letters is to use a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw! to create the letter on the page.  This give greater freedom to place the character in EXACTLY the center of the page.  Or find some templates online.



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More signs to come!

Printable Alphabet Signs

Printable Alphabets have only just kicked off our signs, numbers, characters and symbols. There seems to be an almost endless list of signs that can be added to our library. As of writing this post, you’ll find a new gallery with Seasonal Signs and a number of Halloween Party signs ready for download. If you’re a Printable Alphabets Subscriber, we’ll have a mail out to let you know about new printable alphabet signs as they are created and added to the site.

Printable Alphabet Signs - Halloween Party sign- Haunted House

Make your own paper wall signs

At your next birthday party, social event at work, farewell, add impact to the design of your party theme with a personalised sign for the celebration!  “Happy Birthday Sandra”,  “Happy Birthday Mum!”, “Happy 50th Birthday”, “Happy 21st Birthday Peter”.  Printable alphabet signs are fast to make and can be quickly hung in almost any location.  Use tips from our IDEAS gallery to hang your sign using glue tap, blue tac or pegs and string work great (especially for outdoors).

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