Hang your sign with pegs and string

Here’s a quick and simple way to hang your printable alphabet sign!

You’ll need these items

  • Roll of string or wool
  • Pegs – choose plastic or wooden clothes pegs.
  • Dolls clothes pegs are super cute to use!


Hanging your sign

  • Lay your letters on the floor in the way in which you wish to hang your letters. This may be all in a single row or perhaps hung over a few rows.
  • Peg each letter onto the string or wool. Leave some length at the beginning of your row to tie the sign.  Make sure they are firmly attached.  We’ve found that pegging the string from behind works best.  Peg each row onto an uncut length of string or wool, then you wont be short when you try to hang your sign.
  • Take your letters to the location to hang starting with the beginning of your sign and the first row.  Tie or hang your sign.