We love what we do and so do others!  Here’s what they say about Printable Alphabets!

Easy to add a highlight to a birthday with a personalised sign. Printed a few now.  The birthday person gets such a surprise to see their name on the wall!

Craig G

This makes it so easy to make a decent looking banner for almost any event.  Thanks Printable Alphabets! Making my life easier.  We use this in our business also.


Thank you! Painless to print. So much fun creating my own Happy Birthday sign!  These page templates are perfectly sized to fit an A4 page. Mixed with some symbols adding my friend’s name, made the sign perfect.



Great idea!  Love the pegging tips. Got a sign up in minutes.


We’re a fairly large organisation and we use Printable Alphabet templates for our retail store. Easy and fast to print simple SALE signs. Cheap annual membership.


Have you ever tried to do this in Word? To get the letters centred and margins right is really hard. This takes the pain away.

Karen M.

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